Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Everyone has their opinion on them, and honestly, most people I know hate them, but me... i love them! Of course, I am talking about dreadlocks.
I have wanted dreadlocks for about five years now, pretty much since I realised what they were, but I have never really thought about actually doing it... and the other day I was thinking about it again... and I mean actually thinking... and I came to one question: Why not actually do it?!
So I am.
As soon as the holidays come, I will soon be the proud owner of some dreads! Like I said before, a lot of people hate them, but I think some people look genuinely amazing with them. (I am not too sure if all these pictures are with real dreads, but they all look awesome anyway!!)

p.s. I do not own or hold responsibility for any of these photos!


  1. Dreadlocks are amazing thing...people love them or hate..there´s nothing between.I love them of my whole heart:].I hope i will have them in august!!♥
    good luck to you

  2. Thank you!! Good luck for you as well in August!!:D