Tuesday, 31 May 2011


"Oh dear, have you made a mistake?"
These are the oh-so-wrong words, spoken from my Granny. In fact, contrary to the afore mentioned hairdresser trip, this time my (poor, damaged) hair has been dyed almost correctly! And by my mother! Who had never even backcombed before!
Sure, it is sort of ginger, and bound to snap off any day now. And the back looks different to the front. And the blonde the hairdressers wrongly put in my fringe is a completely different shade. But who am I to complain? (Remind me never to pay more than £10 for any hair treatment by the way. Ever.)
(In case you were wondering, I used L'orĂ©al Paris Perfect Blonde (ha) Creme Maximum Bleaching Kit, costing around £6 from Boots, and i did it by backcombing my whole head in sections- so I looked like a starfish- and then dying the ends.)

Midnight Creations

It was raining last night. And all day yesterday. And the night before.
But I like the sound of rain, it inspires me... and if you mix that with the bad mood I was in- because of an unmentionably bad trip to the hairdressers- which makes me more creative, you get me sat in my room, rain applauding at my windows, the whole house asleep, tying knots in string and unbending paperclips. And this is what I made.
It's a wardrobe for bracelets!

And to showcase these gorgeous vintage necklaces I picked up (2 for a tenner!) in Brick Lane's Vintage market, and because I was too tired to sleep, I made one for necklaces as well. But there are only three on there and it looks a bit sad, so no photos yet.
Also, around spitalfields, there is this awesome little ukulele shop called Duke of Uke, where I bought this bag. Unfortunately, they might have to shut down soon, so if you are in the area, please pop in and pay them a visit.

Saturday, 28 May 2011



Yes, my blog has changed!
As a part of me starting my blogging again (and my interests changing, blah blah...), I thought I would re-do the site...

Do you like it?

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Thursday, 19 May 2011


Ever since I read about Bleach, the hairdresser to the stars that is home to colourful dip dyes, hair stencils and Day-Glo styles to make you fall in love with, I have really fallen… I want pink hair!

Not all over pink (yet), just the ends… I am having a few doubts though, I mean, is it a bit weird to match your hair with your braces?

Saturday, 14 May 2011

oh my DAYS!

i know i literally just posted something, but i almost had a nervous breakdown (a happy one) when i saw urban outfitters sell Polaroid cameras AND FILM! AHAHAHAAHAA! *DEEP BREATHES*


today i am going to start blogging again.
today i am going to not fail at it (AGAIN).
toady i am going to makeover this thing.

These are the three vows (of dread) that i am going to stick to this time, and i think i will share with you my reasons and plan of action.
Firstly, i know i havent blogged in about two months (woah.) and i think it is because i have changed my interests since i started blogging, so i figured... "change the blog then?!"
So.. i am :) and i am going to TRY my hardest to do a post at least once a week, and... urm... this is the first, so lets get on with it!!

and what better way to announce the good news... (no, i'm not pregnant -_-)

if you havent heard of them-and even if they are already your favourite band-here is their song, ribena...

fear them, one day they will take over the world.

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