Saturday, 24 September 2011

very old clothes (aka vintage)

With me expecting a cardboard box of dirty corduroy trousers and mum expecting skinny waisted 1950's dressed, we headed down to Granny J's house to take a peek at her (now vintage) clothes.

Oh how wrong could we be! In the low roofed attic, perfumed with mothballs and sprinkled with dust, there were about five beautiful vintage suitcases full of what first appeared to be junk. Three of these suitcases were... not junk, just not what we were looking for... toys and children's clothes, but the other two were treasure chests!

Most of these things belonged to my mum and her siblings... it must be really weird to see your daughter want to wear the same clothes you did when you were her age! Among the chunky cardigans and turtlenecks, this is what I managed to salvage:

Covered in dust they may be, but after a wash, some of the things we collected are pretty damn good. They include an old guides top, two checked tops, some flared, high waisted jeans, a sort of tartan coat and a big, luxurious red coat which we still haven't got round to picking up... We also spotted an old record player thing in another corner of the room, hidden behind a baby gate. I have wanted one for ages, even though I don't own any records personally, and don't even particularly like old music... I just think they are nice objects.
We left a bit of a mess, but I (conveniently) had to go and pack my bags and left mum too it :)

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Thursday, 22 September 2011

it's fashion, innit.

Today, I am going to share with you my newest amazing things, (when I say new, I mean about a month old...) and my awesome picture poses. By the way, I am wearing my mum's 'vintage' Girl Guides uniform from all the way back in 1974. The little iron on badges don't say what they are for, but have little pictures on... One is a cup of tea, one is a girl throwing love hearts, one looks like a Roman building and the other appears to be a ghost. God knows what they got up to...
My Urbanears headphones are the new loves of my life. Seriously. They were the only thing I bought in Spain, but they sell them at Urban Outfitters as well...
BIG LOVE to my Converse (and ice cream socks)! I finally got some, and they have made getting dressed so much easier. Honestly, they go with everything in my wardrobe! They make my feet look really big, but that is one price I am willing to pay.
Also, did I mention I got some Doc Martens? Dad has 'been wishing his daughter would want some DMs', so jumped at the chance to spend my school uniform money on them... Oh well, I'm not complaining!;D

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P.S. My dreads look rather non-existant in these pictures, but I am thinking about getting rid of them anyway... They are starting to get seriously annoying!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

I never knew I was a techno fan...

I have actually been obsessing over this for so long. Can't quite justify spending that much on a bag though...

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

underage festival 2011

I was looking through my blog posts, and just remembered I wrote this draft about the Underage Festival! It was quite a long time ago, so my bad for not posting about it earlier! Anyway, here it is:
So a few weeks ago, me and Amy went to the Underage Festival (a one day long festival that showcases the best talent to only people aged 13-17) in Victoria Park, London. It was pretty awesome.
After arriving two hours early, we were near the front of the queues, which payed off massively as who should be walking in front of the gates but Georgie Okell from T4 (wearing amazing trousers). I felt so star struck.
So, half an hour after we were supposed to be let in, we rushed in, picked up our free bags and found the Underage Festival Stage, where the first act was performing... Rizzle Kicks!!
We were literally in the second row, and were really lucky to get such a good view, considering pretty much the whole of the festival was there!
After watching a few more acts (Pulled apart by horses, Fugative and all that...) we casually wandered over to go and meet Bombay Bicycle Club. We were waiting for a while, even though we didn't really know who they were, but had heard they were famous so... Anyway, by the time we came out, there were already people lining up to go and meet The Midnight Beast... And I mean a LOT of people. The line basically went around the whole site!! But *cough* somehow, we ended up near the front.
So to set the scene: it's really hot, we have been waiting for about an hour, we were only a bit further down the line than we were when we met Bombay Bicycle Club, and the organisers had already told about 500 people (not including us) they wouldn't be able to see TMB. By now, we were about 15 minutes from getting into the tent, when they told everyone in the line that TMB had gone, and weren't signing anymore. Me and Amy were so angry. We had already missed the start of Roll Deep, and we could have been watching them.
blurry roll deep
After we had got over that, we went over to the Last.FM Stage to watch the last few songs of Roll Deep, and stayed on for Labirinth and then... *drum roll please* ... The Midnight Beast! We may not have got to meet them personally, but at least we could watch their performance, and what a performance! You could hardly hear them sing because everyone (and I mean everyone) was singing along!! And then the streamers went off into the crowd at the end and it was fantastic. Probably the best received show that day.
this is actually the midnight beast...
There was just time to go to the toilet and watch a bit of Bombay Bicycle Club before setting off home again.
Overall, there were good bits and bad bits, but I wouldn't have missed it. Here is my summary:
Best performance: Rizzle Kicks or The Midnight Beast
Best buy: Midnight Beast tshirt
Best stall: Merrimaking stall, but they ran out so we didn't get to make one, or the coke tent... Wooo free Coke!
Biggest disappointment: Not meeting the Midnight Beast!!
Worst part: The heat when your in a big crowd, and all the good bands clashing!
Festival fashion: LOADS of colourful dip-dyed hair (jealous!!), Ray Bans and Doc Martens.
And now... my feet and back hurt:(

On a side note, Pegasus Bridge pulled out two days before the festival because they split up.
PEGASUS BRIDGE HAVE SPLIT UP.. I still can't get over it, they were such an amazing band...