Tuesday, 9 August 2011

my youtube world

"i boarded a plane to the youtube world,
and in front of my eyes I watched it unfurl.
tmb, vlogbrothers, alex day and charlie,
follow me on twitter @SallyTMB!!"
-the skinny jeans cover of The Dance Routine

So today, I guess if you are looking at this you have some time to spare. Maybe you are bored, maybe you are avoiding something... but the reason doesn't matter right now, you are still sat (i presume) at your computer, reading this. I really want to take this opportunity to write about my favourite people on youtube.
Youtube is possibly one of the greatest websites ever invented... there is quite literally something on it for everyone, weather you like comedy, vlogs, just general homemade videos, music... there is something for you, I guarantee. Onwards, I hear you cry!
Okay, so first up is Charlie Mcdonnell, a.k.a. charlieissocoollike. "An English twenty-something that makes videos" He describes himself. Making videos about everyday life, as well as special things just for youtube, as well as taking suggestions from some of his over a million subscribers, he also posts music from himself and his band, Chameleon Circuit which includes, among others, Alex Day (see below). You name it, Charlie can do it.
Charlie was the one who basically introduced me to youtube (well, really it was my cousin who introduced me to Charlie...) and me and that cousin used to stay up all night and just watch all of his videos. Here's why:

Next up it's Nerimon, or Alex Day, who posts a video once a week (always around four minutes long) where he talks about stuff. It's like a vlog, but funny!

The Vlogbrothers are two American brothers (John and Hank) who take it in turns to do short videos to each other, some are educational, some are rants, some about day to day life and some are funny. Nerds Unite!!

No description needed for The Midnight Beast.

I have loads of admiration for anyone that can sit and talk in front of a camera and interest people, and that is why I write, not talk.

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