Thursday, 9 December 2010

Dear Santa...

Skull necklace, Lazy Oaf; Pink Holga, RUGifts; Fangs ring, Lazy Oaf; Drawing Book, Lazy Oaf (NOT THERE ANYMORE!!); Mustache Hoodie, Lazy Oaf; Heart Necklace, Lazy Oaf; Leggings, Jack Wills; Bear Jumper, Lazy Oaf; Leopard Necklace, Lazy Oaf (NOT THERE!!).

Hello there!
This is my Christmas List... I made it a few weeks ago, so some of the stuff from Lazy Oaf isn't there anymore :'( Talking of which, I want WAY too much stuff from there, and Jack Wills seems to be creeping into my life a bit more than usual... I am really loving the red gilets and fluffy hoodies from there right now! I only wish I had that much money...

Hope you get what's on your Christmas List this year! :) xx

1 comment:

  1. aa!! pink Olga *w*
    great composition, I want all me too!!