Monday, 3 January 2011

New Years Resolutions

Ok, so this is my third post about the New Year in three days... I jut keep thinking of things I want to say, but I promise it will be my last!!
Anyway, back to the title. I realise it's the 3rd January already, but you are supposed to take a bit of time to think of your resolutions, and I think it means they are easier this way! So, last years resolutions were to play the guitar and do yoga... I didn't do either, but in my defense, I just don't really have time to do things like that anymore!! Alright, Alright... without anymore hesitation, theeese are my Resolutions...

1. Go abroad somewhere nice ... I really want to go to Japan! But it means I will have to raise the funds. It's a challenge.

2. Tweet and blog more! Since I only really got into Twitter recently, I feel I ought to make a bigger effort, and blog... because I don't want this blog to die like my last one.

3. Learn to play the flute just cos every resolution list has to include a musical instrument ;)

4. Buy more pyjamas :)

5. Invest in some designer clothing ... because the most designer piece I have is Jack Wills, and I'm thinking Gucci, Chanel, D&G... which ties in nicely with the last one...

6. Don't spend all my money. Easier said than done.

Ok, so there it is. *sighs* Wish me luck!

And for the last time... Happy New Years and do you have any resolutions??


  1. I wrote a whole post about my resolutions — they focus mainly on reading, writing and not getting distracted.

    Try and go to some up-market charity shops, it's a great way of getting designer clothes at cheaper prices.

    I really hope your resolutions go well for you :-)

  2. those are really good resolutions, hope you do go to japan!
    happy new year to you too xx