Monday, 17 January 2011

Nottingham's Not Ready Yet...

So, on Sunday I went into Nottingham with my mum and dad. The reason? Dad was in an exhibition entitled 'Not Ready Yet'. It lived up to it's name and was quite a good concept. Some of the art, however seemed a bit invisible and... Not up to scratch..? Some was good though, but I'm not naming names!! It is at the Exchange (opposite Primark), and is held in an old shop. It runs until the 6th February so pleease drop by if you are near! To find out more, just click.
If you can't make it, here are some pictures of what your missing!

The front entrance of the purposely taped-up shop/gallery
ooh, mysterious... Some of the rooms were locked with padlocks, and the public had to ask for them to be opened.

Notice the bin bag...This was our view before the exhibition opened. We thought it was part of the art, but it disappeared when the doors opened...
Not ready yet

View from inside to out into the Exchange through the tape-covered windows
It was like a mini-maze inside. That's one of the bits my dad made!
... and this is another of his creations... such a skilful pile...

After we looked round a bit, me and mum went 'shopping'. Basically walked round Primark for about 5 minutes, while mum complained she was 'bored'. I only had time to buy some jeans. We also went to a really nice little cafe/sandwich/panini/coffee shop type thing called Atlas Deli, where I had a pink flavoured water (or 'Vitamin Water'):
And a brie and cranberry (or something) panini, which was very nice!!

Yum! xx

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