Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Midnight Creations

It was raining last night. And all day yesterday. And the night before.
But I like the sound of rain, it inspires me... and if you mix that with the bad mood I was in- because of an unmentionably bad trip to the hairdressers- which makes me more creative, you get me sat in my room, rain applauding at my windows, the whole house asleep, tying knots in string and unbending paperclips. And this is what I made.
It's a wardrobe for bracelets!

And to showcase these gorgeous vintage necklaces I picked up (2 for a tenner!) in Brick Lane's Vintage market, and because I was too tired to sleep, I made one for necklaces as well. But there are only three on there and it looks a bit sad, so no photos yet.
Also, around spitalfields, there is this awesome little ukulele shop called Duke of Uke, where I bought this bag. Unfortunately, they might have to shut down soon, so if you are in the area, please pop in and pay them a visit.

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