Tuesday, 31 May 2011


"Oh dear, have you made a mistake?"
These are the oh-so-wrong words, spoken from my Granny. In fact, contrary to the afore mentioned hairdresser trip, this time my (poor, damaged) hair has been dyed almost correctly! And by my mother! Who had never even backcombed before!
Sure, it is sort of ginger, and bound to snap off any day now. And the back looks different to the front. And the blonde the hairdressers wrongly put in my fringe is a completely different shade. But who am I to complain? (Remind me never to pay more than £10 for any hair treatment by the way. Ever.)
(In case you were wondering, I used L'orĂ©al Paris Perfect Blonde (ha) Creme Maximum Bleaching Kit, costing around £6 from Boots, and i did it by backcombing my whole head in sections- so I looked like a starfish- and then dying the ends.)

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