Sunday, 24 July 2011

my dreadlocks!

Ok, so after WAY too much time, and WAY too much Tetris, my dreads are finally finished. It would be an understatement to say I am relieved, and even thinking about the tiresome pain of backcombing and endless tantrums (I really can't help myself... when I'm tired I would shout at someone for making me a cup of tea.) makes me shake. But on this one occasion, I will recall the events of the past few hours:
I got this great Dreadhead HQ kit full of all the stuff you need to make dreadlocks off the internet, which came with shampoo, locking accelerator, wax, a load of grips and a metal comb. I was reading about it and it said that a plastic comb wouldn't work for this hardcore backcombing, and I was like "yeeeaahh... right.", but seriously, even the metal one started bending!! Also, my bible for this whole experience was the Dreadhead HQ website, so if you have ANY interest in dreadlocks, head right on over there.
After washing my hair with non-residue shampoo, dad (my hairdresser- thank you!) undertook the fiddly task of sectioning the whole of my hair into sections, a bit smaller than the dread size I wanted.
Spraying the stuff on:
The 'stuff' is locking accelerator, and spraying it on is easier said than done.
I'm not entirely sure what goes on here, you would have to ask my dad. Or the very good website I mentioned earlier. It does hurt unbearably when you start the dread off though...
woo! half done...
And finally, waxing:
Basically just putting a really small amount of special dread wax in each dread. Thisis a picture before the wax went in:
And here is it after, the final result! Yay!
Finally, my very own dreadlocks. The photos don't really show off the whole dready-ness of them, plus mature dreadlocks look better than half hour old ones (I hope!!)... What will my flute teacher say...

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