Saturday, 30 July 2011


When I was little I used to have a video (you know, one of those big black boxes that had films in them?!) of Watership Down, which I drew little rabbits on the label and went over the writing in gold gel pen. It was one of those things I could watch every day of the week. And then one day, I couldn't find it in the video cupboard... or anywhere for that matter, and it became just another thing (as well as a twenty pound note belonging to my mum and a few home videos from years back) that disappeared into the black hole that is my house.
That was the last time I watched this film. Until now.
Yep, I found a dvd of it in Sainsburys for £4, so obviously snatched it from the shelves and almost started crying. (It was a very emotional moment.)
Watership Down is probably one of my favourite films of alltime (apart from Juno, Nowhere Boy and Where the Wild Things are- which mum said was rubbish, but I think she slept through most of it...). It is sad, beautiful and rather profound for a cartoon... but if you have never watched it, please don't just dismiss it as that, as it will change your life (or your evening, anyway...) It's also pretty damn scary for a U!!
Also in film news, Studio Ghibli have launched an anime film based on The Borrowers. Sounds awesome!

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