Thursday, 22 September 2011

it's fashion, innit.

Today, I am going to share with you my newest amazing things, (when I say new, I mean about a month old...) and my awesome picture poses. By the way, I am wearing my mum's 'vintage' Girl Guides uniform from all the way back in 1974. The little iron on badges don't say what they are for, but have little pictures on... One is a cup of tea, one is a girl throwing love hearts, one looks like a Roman building and the other appears to be a ghost. God knows what they got up to...
My Urbanears headphones are the new loves of my life. Seriously. They were the only thing I bought in Spain, but they sell them at Urban Outfitters as well...
BIG LOVE to my Converse (and ice cream socks)! I finally got some, and they have made getting dressed so much easier. Honestly, they go with everything in my wardrobe! They make my feet look really big, but that is one price I am willing to pay.
Also, did I mention I got some Doc Martens? Dad has 'been wishing his daughter would want some DMs', so jumped at the chance to spend my school uniform money on them... Oh well, I'm not complaining!;D

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P.S. My dreads look rather non-existant in these pictures, but I am thinking about getting rid of them anyway... They are starting to get seriously annoying!

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