Saturday, 24 September 2011

very old clothes (aka vintage)

With me expecting a cardboard box of dirty corduroy trousers and mum expecting skinny waisted 1950's dressed, we headed down to Granny J's house to take a peek at her (now vintage) clothes.

Oh how wrong could we be! In the low roofed attic, perfumed with mothballs and sprinkled with dust, there were about five beautiful vintage suitcases full of what first appeared to be junk. Three of these suitcases were... not junk, just not what we were looking for... toys and children's clothes, but the other two were treasure chests!

Most of these things belonged to my mum and her siblings... it must be really weird to see your daughter want to wear the same clothes you did when you were her age! Among the chunky cardigans and turtlenecks, this is what I managed to salvage:

Covered in dust they may be, but after a wash, some of the things we collected are pretty damn good. They include an old guides top, two checked tops, some flared, high waisted jeans, a sort of tartan coat and a big, luxurious red coat which we still haven't got round to picking up... We also spotted an old record player thing in another corner of the room, hidden behind a baby gate. I have wanted one for ages, even though I don't own any records personally, and don't even particularly like old music... I just think they are nice objects.
We left a bit of a mess, but I (conveniently) had to go and pack my bags and left mum too it :)

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