Sunday, 2 October 2011


If you don't follow me on twitter, then you won't know I have taken my dreadlocks out. I did it about a week ago, simply by using my fingers and brushing with shampoo. A lot. The reason? They just got annoying! They would have been too high maintenance to get them to a 'proper dreadlock-y' standard.
Now, I thought to myself, my hair is really boring... I should dye it! So last Friday, I decided to go into town. After waiting an hour for the bus in the sweltering heat, and about half an hour stuck in traffic, I finally got into Blue Banana to buy some hair dye!
I chose Coral Blue and Shocking Pink.
Snipping the tops off the bottles and shampooing my hair, I covered my body with an old towel and got to work, spreading the dye just on the tips.
I left it for about 25 minutes, and went to watch a bit of QI.
And then...
Voila! Pink and blue hair! Yes, I am wearing my Stickaid 2011 shirt...

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