Thursday, 27 October 2011

Billy, Me & You

First things first, I have been terribly busy... With... School and stuff, so sorry about the lack of posts! *groan* so... much... revision... But I have managed to drag myself away from the joys of homework to write a little bit about mum's new book! Here you go:
Nicola Streeten (A.K.A my mum) has just launched a graphic novel about the death of her son and the four years of her life it took over, (OUT NOW!) and I was lucky enough to be at the book launch. As me and dad came (straight from school on the train) towards Corrine's house, right next to the British Museum, we could already see a few people stood in the window. Little did we know that a few hours later you wouldn't be able move for the amount of people clinking glasses and queuing to get their fresh new book signed. It went on from six to eight, the reuniting of mum's old friends, the congratulations from new ones. It was a rather jolly event, unlike the (apparently) heart-wrenching stuff packed inside the yellow cover. I, of course, haven't actually read it yet (I am working my way through every single previously existing graphic novel so that when I finally come to Billy, Me and You, I will be able to judge it honestly and fairly. And I haven't really had the time.) but I have heard raving reviews of it, where people have written in/called in tears from the gripping tale.

Sounds like your thing? Want to try something new? You can buy it by clicking HERE or popping into a Foyles or Waterstones.

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