Monday, 3 October 2011


This Saturday, 1st October, was the best day of my life. You may laugh, my friend, but on Saturday I met the YouTube HEROS of my life. That’s right, this Saturday was the 24 hour charity event which is Stickaid.
I will start off with a brief introduction to Stickaid, because the likeliness is that you haven’t heard of it. I have to admit; I had no idea what it was when I booked two tickets for me and my cousin to be in the audience of charlieissocoollike and Sorted Food. Basically, it is a 24 hour fundraiser, getting money for UNICEF by inviting a load of YouTube sensations to come and co-present with the founder, Myles Dyer; the result of which is streamed live onto the internet.
So, as me and Sophie (my cousin) are MASSIVE fans of Charlie, we couldn’t quite believe it was real when we arrived in London a few hours before our 6-8 time slot. It was pretty hard to believe the reality of it all though, a few amazing things happened that day…
The first one of these miracles went like this:
“Sally look behind you.”
“What? Why?”
“Look behind you. Quickly. Look.”
“What? I can’t see anything..?”
Before I knew it, we were picking up our stuff and stalking a fraction of Chameleon Circuit. That’s right, Liam Dryden from the ‘Timelord Rock’ band and the blue hair guy  Tom Milsom were entering what looked like a Tesco Express. Sophie managed to slip them a hello.
Soon after, we decided we would head to the venue, and who should be stood outside but the AMAZING ALEX DAY!!
He was really nice, and we got a picture with him.
After waiting a bit, we realise there was a crowd in the corner. A crowd concealing Sophie’s future husband, the man that was turning twenty one today. Yes, Charlie McDonnell signed my history book.
When we finally got into the recording room, I have some personal highlights:
· Sam Pepper was sat in front of me. Sam. Pepper. And he gave me half of his tiramisu, cooked by the Sorted Food team!!
· Charlie’s mum (lilliesarelike) gave me some of Charlie’s birthday cake, it was in the shape of a ukulele!
· I bought a tshirt. In fact, I’m wearing it as I type this!
So, yeah. That was one of the best days of my life.


  1. This is so awesome, you are so lucky. But by "blue hair guy from chameleon circuit" did you mean Tom Milsom? He's not in chameleon circuit. He is an AWESOME solo artist. Sorry HUGE Tom Milsom fan and that just bugged me :S

  2. aah I am so sorry, I wrote this a while ago and then found out a while later when charlie posted a video about chameleon circuit that Tom wasn't ever in it, but never changed this post 3:
    I will get on it! :)

    1. ahh okay, sorry for like moaning.xD I really want to go this year :3

    2. OMG YOU CHANGED IT!!! I feel really horrible now!!! sorry.

  3. yessss I would love to go and see more than one person this year! :D